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This is the OGFMirror project page.

The OGFMirror project is intended to provide a failsafe backup alternative to the opengeofiction.net (OGF) website, which has suffered from unreliability and an owner who is no longer engaged in day-to-day maintenance.

The principle behind the OGFMirror is as follows: provide a website that is "live" with OGF data and functionality, but that is in a holding pattern (i.e. it is not editable). But in the event that the OGF website stops functioning, the OGFMirror could essentially become a replacement for OGF, with all the same data, functionality and membership.

I have blogged about this process here.

Most recent changesets (as replicated from OGF server).

If you want to support these efforts financially, I am accepting donations here.

I have posted a detailed accounting of my geofiction income and spending here.

I expect that the servers listed there will be consolidated and costs will go down once the development process is complete and successful.