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A message from Luciano:

During the years when Thilo was hosting the site, he very generously provided the site's hosting paid for out of his own pocket, but with the transition to new hosting, I expect costs have gone up, some. Anyway, please understand, the servers where opengeofiction.net is hosted are not free.

Therefore we are making it possible for users to donate to support our hosting costs.

Below is a summary of my current financial status with respect to geofiction projects (Arhet, Opengeofiction).

This information is presented for the sake of maximal transparency - as seems appropriate since I'm asking people to make donations to support this work.

Current Server Costs

  • OGF Servers
    • ogfdev - Opengeofiction "rails port" and apidb - $160 / month
    • tiles04 - Opengeofiction render server - $80 / month
    • ogfwiki - Opengeofiction overpass, overpass-turbo, wiki - $80 / month
    • shapefiles - Opengeofiction coastline and contours processing - $5 / month
  • Other Servers
    • tiles03 - Arhet coastline and contours processing - $5 / month
    • arhet - Arhet "rails port" and apidb - $20 / month
    • tiles01 - Arhet render server - $20 / month
    • geofictician - personal wiki, professional homepage, private hosted planet (rahet), blog, etc - $40 / month
    • rent-a-planet - one private planet (udi's) - $20 / month

NOTE - Structurally, in fact, several of the servers in the above listing are the same machine, sharing the various jobs listed, but I've "pro-rated" an estimate usage based on the different roles.

  • Backups
    • periodic backups for all machines - ~ $50 / month

Current Time Investment

  • I average 20-30 hours per week right now.

I do not expect compensation for my time - it's my hobby, and it's fun. But just so people understand what I'm putting into it.

OGF Spending

  • August, 2021: approximately $400.00 (included some one-time set up costs)
  • September, 2021: approximately $350.00


  • Patreon monthly donations income
    • July, 2021: $27.26
    • August, 2021: $152.14
    • September, 2021: $166.67
  • One-time-donations income
    • 2021 to date: $0

How To Donate

  • I accept donations through my Patreon, here.
  • I also accept Ethereum crypto: 0x3497c320D8FC2Bc26a9953336352B816b3248737

My pledge:

If costs are met or exceeded by donations, I can look into upgrades or additional infrastructure for the site, including:

  • making the render server bigger / faster
  • working to set up nominatim (so the site could have a "find" button)
  • working to set up routing (so the site could find routes from A to B)

I am not running opengeofiction.net to make money. If there are sufficient donations, I will reinvest in the site.

Thank you to all who have donated! Please enjoy the results.