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This site is currently under development.

It is primarily intended to be a private "sandbox" to support my geofiction activites at the website OpenGeofiction, where I work under the user name "Luciano." You can look for me there.

This wiki also provides support for my "other" geofiction planet, Arhet.

What is Geofiction?

"Geofiction" is explained in the Wikipedia under the article Worldbuilding. A better definition can be found on a site called Geopoeia.

Site Creator Bio

I am a US Citizen. For a long-time I was resident in South Korea, but I relocated to Southeast Alaska since 2018 to support an elderly family member.

My Korean home is in the Northwest suburbs of Seoul. Other places where I have called "home" for long periods of time include: Rural Northern California (where I was born), Mexico City, Minneapolis, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. I also have roots in Northern Queensland, Australia (where my mother is from), so though I have never lived there I have visited quite often. Finally, I spent extended "study-abroad" times, in my younger years, in Paris, France, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, and Valdivia, Chile, and while in the US Military I was stationed in South Korea and South Carolina.

So I am a bit of a global citizen.

My true home is somewhere imaginary, not yet well-mapped.