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Aéropuerto Internacional Nicolás Jameson

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Nicolas Jameson International Airport
Aéropuerto Internacional Nicolás Jameson
(national name)

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Basic information
Country Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere
City Ciudad Independencia, DS (Villa Constitución southeast suburban)
Began operation 1924 (upgrade 2003)
Time zone +9
Elevation AMSL 3 m
Passengers 18,500,000
Aircraft operations 201,000
Direction Length
2/20 3030 m
16/34 2888 m
Number Length
H2 30 m
Highways AP 5 (toll)
Regional train lines Regional rail
Central de VCPrincesa
(ferry connection to El Cabo)
Suburban rail lines Black Lines 31, 32
Metro lines MetroVC
Dark Green Line 7
Postcode DS 0956
Telephone 0617+(0)-5456-0000

Nicolas Jameson International Airport (Castellanese "Aéropuerto Internacional Nicolás Jameson") is a historic airport located on the shores of the Laguna Corales in the city of Ciudad Independencia, DS, in the Ardisphere. It was recently upgraded, in 2003, to serve as a secondary international airport for the capital metropolitan region surrounding Villa Constitución, DF, whose center lies to the northwest. It is well-integrated to public transportation, including the regional rail system, RUTA-VC, as well as being directly accessible from the Autopista de Peaje (toll motorway) AP 5.


The airport is one of the oldest in the Ardisphere, associated from the beginning with the famous Ardispherian pilot and adventurer, Nicolás Jameson. From his disappearance in 1931, the airport has borne his name. The airfield was the home of the Ardispherian air force from its beginning until 1940, when a new base was built at Presidio Persson (and subsequently moved to the distant Bellas Aguas location), and the Ardispherian Guardia Civil maintains today an important if compact presence, including the headquarters of their international peacekeeping deployments command.


The airport is fairly distant from the high density "downtowns" of the metropolitan region, with Faro/Puerto Nuevo ("downtown") at approximately 40 km, Caracol at 20 km, Armas ("midtown") at 30 km, and Plaza79 ("uptown") at 35 km. Nevertheless, there is a large population in the southeast suburban region that frequently will choose JAM over the main international airport, Pdte. Ángel Keum. This is supplemented by its proximity to important southeastern cities such as Palmeras Grises, DS and Huambara, DS. Conveniently located midway between Caracol and Palmeras Grises, it is as the center of the thriving and fast-growing Departamento del Sur.

Only about 4 km distant is the world-renowned high-energy physics research facility, CIFAVA. Even closer is the historic downtown of Ciudad Independencia, and the Presidente Juan Card Díaz Convention Center at Barrio Florerías. The internationally renowned Hipódromo Cerro Sombrero is a short subway trip away with year-round, world-class horse racing, and the city of Caracol, with its waterfront, canals and counterculture is 20 minutes on the commuter trains.


The airport includes 57 fully automated and modern jetway arrival/departure gates, grouped in 5 concourses labeled "A" through "E". There are rail and bus facilities within walking distance of the terminal via tunnels, and extensive parking is available.

The terminal renovations of 2003 included the integration of variety of internationally and locally branded retail shops, restaurants and services. The airport "mall" is sufficinetly popular and so well-connected that nearby residents sometimes go to the airport to go shopping.


Since the upgrade, JAM serves as the chief hub airport for the rapidly expanding regional carrier AeroSur, although they maintain their business offices in their historic home in El Cabo, DS. Additionally, because of the integrated Guardia Civil post, the airport serves as a primary transportation hub for soldier and diplomatic flights, including being an occasional home for the Ardispherian Presidency's private jet.

Cargo flights, however, have mostly been discontinued due to the intention to focus on passenger traffic and the lack of space for expansion of cargo facilities.


The 2009 aileron failure of an AeroSur jet which resulted in the airplane's flaming crash into the waters of the Laguna Corales, the deaths of 21 passengers and, more alarmingly, the fiery destruction of a group 12 people, including 6 children, who were in a sailboat in the Laguna, raised safety concerns over the length of the runways and poor regulation of the waters of the Laguna fronting the airport. Airport officials have said it was an isolated, "freak" accident and have assured the public that there is no major safety shortcoming at the airport.

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