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Nudaesi, CC

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Z12, -21.19 °S, 124.56 °E
Official Name:
Other Names:
Las Torres, Caruque

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Ciudad (city) in the Flag of the Ardispheric Federation Ardispheric Federation
Status County Seat
Federal Subject Flag of Colonia Coreana Colonia Coreana
gun (군) (county) Nudae-gun
Elevation 231 m
Area 19.3 km2
Demonym 누대사람, caruqueño, torreano
Population 29,000 (2014)
Density 1502/km2
Mayor (시장) tbd
Airports No
Passenger Rail Commuter Rail - 1 line to Jeongto
Metro No
Tram No

Nudae-si (Gohangukian 누대시, Castellanese Las Torres, Ingerish Towers, Altazorian and Caruque Caruque) is a town in the Ardispherian federal subject of Colonia Coreana. It is the seat of Nudae County (누대군 nudae-gun) and an important agricultural and tourism center near the juncture of the Nudae River with the Yeonggwang River. The town is unique among larger towns in the Colonia Coreana for having only a minority of Gohangukian-speakers. There are thriving communities of several native language communities (including Caruque, Lonica and Altazorian) as well as a large Castellanese-speaking community. It is quite famous for the nearby archeological site called Las Torres Lónicas, a set of four tall pyramid-shaped structures on the bluff west of the river constructed by the Tlönians between 600 and 800 AD, which provide the town with a striking skyline.

Nudae-si's current population is about 29,000 inhabitants, in a land area of 19.3 km2.


Nudae City is situated on both banks of the Nudae-gang ([누대강] Nudae River, which means Towers River, Castellanese Río de las Torres), a few kilometers north of where that river joins the Yeonggwang River. It is the northwesternmost major town in the Lower Yeonggwang Valley. There are some fairly high bluffs west of the town, where the famous prehistoric towers are located. East and south are alluvial agricultural land, while to the north the land rises into more hilly terrain.


Nudae-si is notable for being the longest continuously-occupied townsite in the Ardisphere, with strong archeological evidence pointing to continuous occupation for almost 2000 years. It has, of course, passed through many incarnations. Originally called Caruk, it was an outpost of the Tlönian Empire, then later, having resisted the Albalongans, fell to the Altazorians, and the Altazorian name is still Caruque. When the Castellanese came it was re-christened Santo Tomás de las Torres, and when the Gohangukians won linguistic autonomy, it adopted its current name.

Prehistory "Caruk"

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Tlönian Empire

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Albalongan Resistance

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Altazorian Period

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Colonial Era

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Early Federation

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Civil War

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Gohangukian Settlement and Early Autonomy

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Modern Era

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Nudae-si is the northern terminus of the commuter-rail Line (tbd) from Jeongto, CC, at the rail station on the west bank of the river near the old market area.


Besides various regional private bus companies, there is a public-private local bus company called TorreBus which serves various neighborhoods and outlying areas around Nudae-si and the Lower Yeonggwang Valley, including service north to Jangmi-si, CC, and south to Jeongto's north suburban terminus at Hodubat-eup, CC.


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Nudae-si is host to the private Heogu Daehakgyo (Gohangukian 허구대학교 or Castellanese Universidad Ficticia), which offers fully bilingual (Gohangukian and Castellanese) undergraduate programs in liberal arts, sciences, engineering and agronomy and hosts graduate programs in related fields as well as business and law. Its most famous programs are probably those in the areas of language preservation and linguistic anthropology. The large, 150 ha, partially forested campus is located in the northwest quadrant of the town on the west bank of the Nudae River. The bilingual university with its extensive languages programs is one reason why the town has a substantial population of non-Gohangukkian-speakers.

The consolidated regional high school, Nudae Godeunghakgyo (누대고등학교), and the consolidated middle school, Nudae Junghakgyo (누대중학교), are located close to each other east of the downtown area near Sarang Park. There are 3 neighborhood elementary schools, as well as the "Lab school" operated by the University's education department, which offers programs through age 11.