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Gohanian magpie

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Photo of a Pica coreae in a tree in El Cabo, DS
The Gohanian magpie (Ingerish, Castellanese "urraca de Goján", Gohangukian "까치" [kkachi]) is a species of magpie, Pica coreae, native to Gohanguk, but which was brought by Gohangukian immigrants to the Ardisphere in the 18th century and is now an established species in that country as well.


Although originally thought to be a variant of the typical magpie species Pica pica, recent research has shown it to be a distinct species, which has been named Pica coreae.


Photo of a Pica coreae in the Punta de Urracas neighborhood in Villa Constitución, DF

The most distinguishing characteristics that differentiate the bird from other magpies are the brighter blue coloring and their large size, often rivaling the size of crows or ravens.


Because they had been traditionally kept as curio pets by Gohangukians, they have in essence migrated with these people to wherever they have settled in large numbers, where feral magpies establish new local populations.

In Ardispherian Culture

A famous painting of a Gohanian magpie by Ardispherian artist Soyon Yin

The birds are quite intelligent and often semi-"tame." As a result, they appear frequently in Ardispherian literature and art.

Photo of a Pica coreae in a park in Jeongto-si, CC