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Yuna Namgung

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Yuna Namgung (Gohangukian Namgung Yun-a [남궁윤아 hanja 南宮潤妸] - born 1858, Ancho del Río, DF; died 1948, Jeongto-si, CC) was the 13th president of the Ardisphere, serving two terms from 1900-1910. Representing a reform wing of the Partido Liberal, she ran on the so-called "Equality Platform" that created the "right to autonomy," which resulted in linguistic and cultural freedoms under one of the most active periods of constitutional revision in the history of the Federation. She is most noted for enshrining in the constitution the essential aspects of freedom of religion and minority language rights that characterize the modern Ardisphere, but her efforts to reform the workplace and economic sectors were much less successful, and some have argued that those failures, more than her constitutional successes, characterized her presidency and led to the eventual downfall of the Liberales as a political force in the country, being supplanted by the Partido Socialista in the following decades.

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