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Villa Constitución 2016 Summer Geolympiad Proposal

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Villa Constitución, Ardisphere, is currently bidding for the right to host the 2016 Summer Geolympiad.

A draft logo and mascot for the Games, featuring "Ardy el Lagarto Geolímpico"

Currently the city and the Ardispherian Federal government are committed to providing one of the best games ever.


On June 28th, 2015, the bid was withdrawn from consideration of the International Geolympiad Selection Committee. The president of the Ardispherian Geolympiad Committee, Aníbal Del Giacco, has been indicted on federal charges of corruption.

List of Proposed Venues

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Sport / Event Venue Name Capacity map
Ceremonies / Athletics Estadio Nacional tbd map
Olympiad Village Area around Parque Centenario (old 1914 World's Fair site) tbd map
Aquatics (Swimming & Diving) Centro Acuático U. Autónoma del Distrito Federal tbd map
Basketball / Handball Estadio de Baloncesto Presidenta C. Juárez y Cabal tbd map
BMX tbd [ map]
Fencing Arena Universitaria U Autónoma Metropolitana - Campus Oeste tbd map
Velodrome (Cycling) Velódromo "Josusí" / U Namgung (under construction) tbd map
Field Hockey Estadio UADC / U Autónoma del Centro tbd map
Water Polo tbd [ map]
Boxing / Judo / Taekwondo Estadio de Baloncesto Presidenta C. Juárez y Cabal tbd map
Weightlifting Arena Universidad de Villa Constitución tbd map
Wrestling tbd [ map]
Gymnastics Arena Wisniewski tbd map
Shooting Guarnición Donosio Kim tbd map
Tennis Estadio Abelorio Newton (U. Loyola Cerro Silla) tbd map
Volleyball (indoor) tbd [ map]
Volleyball (beach) Playa Pública de Caracol tbd map
Triathlon tbd [ map]
Archery Estadio de Cricket Castillo Jaguares tbd map
Marathon Marathon Route Bellas Artes to Puerto Viejo tbd map
Badminton tbd [ map]
Football (Soccer) 1 Estadio Nacional tbd map
Football (Soccer) 2 Estadio Riograndense tbd map
Football (Soccer) 3 Estadio Las Nubes tbd map
Football (Soccer) 4 Estadio Suburbano tbd map
Football (Soccer) 5 Estadio El Fangal tbd map
Canoeing Río Hierro at Isla Ogros / U Autónoma del Centro tbd map
Rowing Lago Principal tbd map
Mountain Biking tbd [ map]
Sailing Puerto de Caracol tbd map
other... tbd [ map]

Other Infrastructure

As a global Alpha city, Villa Constitución has hundreds of hotels, a modern public transport system including 20 commuter rail lines, 13 subway lines and over 30 tram routes, 2 international airports and all the amenities Geolympiad guests might require.