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Quentín di Battista, DC

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Z14, -24.20 °S, 125.02 °E
Quentín Di Battista
Official Name:
Ciudad de Quentín Di Battista
Other Names:
QdB (Cudebé), San Quentín

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Ciudad (city) in the Flag of the Ardispheric Federation Ardispheric Federation
Federal Subject Flag of Departamento del Centro Departamento del Centro
comuna (county) Comuna Cualahualú
Elevation 37 m
Area 9.9 km2
Demonym Battistan, battistense
Population 16,000 (2014)
Density 1616/km2
Mayor (Alcalde) Príamo Anghelescu
Airports No
Passenger Rail FFOO Line 24
Metro No
Tram No

This article is about the town called Quentín di Battista. For the historical person of the same name, see Quentín di Battista.

Quentín Di Battista is a town in the Ardispherian federal subject of Departamento del Centro. It is the third-largest town of Comuna Cualahualú (Cualahualú Commune) and an important agricultural center, located on the east bank of the Río Bahagala at the eastern border of the country. It is the terminus of the FFOO Line 24 (Ferrocarriles Orientales "Blue Line O24"), thus it one of the most remote cities to be considered as being within the capital metropolitan region centered on Villa Constitución, DF, over 100 km to the west on the opposite side of the country.

Quentín Di Battista's current population is about 16,000 inhabitants, in a land area of 9.9 km2.


The city is named for the military leader Quentín di Battista, an important figure in the Ardisphere's struggle for independence in the 1810s.


Although for most of its length, the Río Bahagala is the eastern frontier of the Federation, there are several points where the border "jumps the river" to include small sections of its east bank. Quentín di Battista is one such location. Although the city limits straddle the river, the main part of the town and its center are on the east bank.


In the colonial era, the small town at the site was called San Quentín, after a small church there.

Prehistory - Bahagala Culture

Altazorian Period

Colonial and Early Federation Periods

Agricultural Town and Winemaking =

Modern "Border Town" =






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