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OGF:Requesting a first territory

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Effective February 15, 2019, OpenGeofiction has set up a new system for granting first territories. This is only for new users requesting a first territory. If you are seeking to acquire a second (or third, etc.) territory, or you want to exchange, upsize or downsize your existing territory, please see the page OGF:Requesting more territory.

Firstly, you still should request your first territory by sending a message to the admin inbox.

State clearly which territory you are interested in. Do not ask for more than one territory.

Here is an example message:

Hi OGF admin team
I would like to request UL000 as my first territory.
I have understood the rules (as on the about page) and I have been mapping in free-to-edit ("blue") territories for at least 7 days.
Here is my vision for my new country... <you should write here your ideas, bearing in mind the theme of the area you're requesting: North American style, European style, etc.>